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                       Water is a basic need in daily human life.  Lacking it leads to the dehydration and its fall-outs like illnesses and death.
                       In case of dehydration, patient is sent to the hospital for treatment by water added to dehydrating salts.
Spiritually, the water represents the word of God which gives us eternal life.
The woman said that she was  Samaritan as Jesus Christ was from Jews tribe.  For her, Jesus would not ask her water to drink.
                       As the scripture said , the Samaritans and the Jews were all the nations chosen by God and being taken out from Egypt by his hand .
                       When they reach in the land of promise they separated  one from another.

To this past we match the kingdom of Samaria which is Jerusalem and the kingdom of Judah which is Judea up these days.
 The woman said:”We Samaritans worship in that mountain, but Jews claim that we must go to Jerusalem to worship God”
                       On this Jesus answered that a time will come and it has already come, who worships God will no longer go at this
mountain or at Jerusalem but worship in spirit and truth.
                        Why Jesus Christ said so?1 kings 12:26-33
The scripture said that king Jeroboam made two golden calve, by this he brought all Samaritans to worship idols. In Samaria there was no water of

life, as word of God. Romans 15:1-5;   Romans 3:19-20;    Galatians 3:1-12

Unless people were circumcised and obeying the laws of Moses, they could not be saved.This was the preaching which was in Judea.
                        The Pharisees and Sadducees were teaching the laws and their customs. This is not the true gospel. No one who will be declared righteous in the sight of God by observing the laws.
This days there are many churches like  Samaria and Judea which are not
preaching the true gospel but only doctrines and the laws.
Those teachings are not source of the water of life. with  these teachings people can not be withdrawn from the slavery of Satan, can not give salvation.
Let us talk again about dehydration illness.
 If someone is suffering from this illness, the physician must treat him by L- lactate drip and ORS. Delaying to treat this such patient brings death inevitably.
                          The same people are  people suffering from dehydration because of the lack of water of life, because they have not the word of God into their hearts.
Consequently, they  can not worship God in the Spirit and Truth.
 What is the spirit?
If you write a letter or an application you must supply a signature. If

you don’t sign on it, this application can not be read. The same with the
word of God.  It has signature, and that is the Holy Spirit.

                             Any one who hears the Gospel  and does not believe it is impossible to have  the power of Holy Spirit. He can not worship God in Spirit and


These days, there are many churches which like Samaria and Jerusalem. They Are not preaching  the true  Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are only leading astray the nations of God from his will .

                               Thus, the Holy Spirit moves around and around to make them understanding the will of God through his word, through their dream, through their vision and their prophecy.
                               As they have known  the will of God for them but remain not  committed to the restoration through the word of God,  surely the Hell fire is waiting  for them. If there is no word of GOD, disregarding the visions,the trances, the prophecies and the speaking in tongues.
Surely, the true Gospel is the water of life!    Hear it and believe it that you may be saved.


1 Corinthians 15 35-55

When God was at his duty for  the creation , he created a man and gave him eyes to see where he can go, to recognize another creations. So by our eyes , we see that are many
nations, many tribes with many languages. But      how we see is not how God sees.
Genesis 2:7 , Micah 1: 2-3

In the sight of God are two people :The one who come from the dust , I mean Adam and the man from heaven who is Jesus christ. From this many are many nations , tribes and languages.
Somme belong to heavenly Adam.
1.  Let us talk about to those who belong to Adam from the dust.

John 3: 3-6, Roman 6:3-4.

What the scripture says about? The scripture  about two kinds of people . Those who didn’t listen the gospel , believing and being baptized into death of Jesus Christ: Those people
are belonging to Adam from the Dust. Those people will not gain imperishable body at resurrection day.
 Hebrew 10:26-27 .
The scriptures say that if we deliberately keep on sinning after we receive the knowledge of truth, no sacrifice left for sins.
Many Christians still say that the sin is committing adultery, murders, killing and many more.

Concerning the scripture, this is not sin in the sight of God.   Remember that Jesus Christ has already taken away world’s sin on cross. Isn’t it?      Yes  Is there any sin left on cross?  Not. (Our sin had already washed away on the cross)    But in the sight of God, there is one sin God sees for the nations:    That is lacking faith. This is a sin remained.        If someone listens to the Gospel and don’t believe that one is sinner. That  one belongs to Adam from the dust and he will not have imperishable body at resurrection day..
Number 21:4-9

Remember the Israelites in the desert at the mountain  of hor, they sinned against God and Moses. Thus the venomous snakes had sent to them and kill many. After this Moses had prayed for them and God asked him to make a bronze snake and put it on the pole that some one who looked at it and were healed, but some  people died continuously.  Why these people died?  It was because they sinned against  God and Moses?  Because they didn’t  believe the word of God
and not look at the bronze snake.
Genesis 7: 1-24
Due to the time of Noah many people died by the flood. Why those people died was not because they did adultery ,  they are drunkards , but because they didn’t believe to the word of God through Noah’s
2 Kings 7:1-20

The people in Samaria city were suffering for famine. It came to pass the word spoken through Elisha ‘s  mouth that the next day a seah  flour will be sold for shekel and two seahs of Barley for shekel at the gate of Samaria. After this officer  whose arm the king  leaned, he saw it and died without eating them. Why did he die, it because of hunger?  Not  because he did not believe in the
word of God through Elisha’s mouth.

If the servant is preaching the gospel, there are two kinds of work taking place. One is to bless for those who hear the gospel and believe. The second is to curse for those who hear the
gospel and don’t believe . There are people who attend the church, listening the gospel and
continue to commit sin, and again they continuously attending the church . Why this people attending the church? They attend it that they may listen to word of blessing” I mean the word of God”. Why those people make the word of blessing and bring curse onto them?  Because they belong to Adam from Dust and those people will not gain imperishable body at resurrection day.

At the court , the judges must hear an accusation from the one who accuses and the defense from the one who is accused. After this, he must hear also from witness of those people . Then he decided the case.

Not the same way it will be the judgment of God!

The judgment of God will not be like how it takes place in the court of the world.    God will not look for the witnesses. The Witness will be this gospel  you have listened to, and the  the punishment  is HELL, as the reward will be the CROWN of eternal life for those who heard the Gospel and believed.

1 Corinthians 15:50-55, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

The scripture said that there is a man from heaven.  Who is from heaven?  This Jesus Christ. Who is belongs to Jesus Christ?  this Is the one who listened the gospel , believed and was baptized into the death of Jesus Christ.

This is the process to be reborn with the spirit:

I.            Listening to gospel and believe
II.            To Have true repentance
III.          And being baptized in the name of father, son and Holy spirit.

The one who born in the spirit belongs to Jesus Christ and is the one who will wear the imperishable body at the resurrection day when the son of God will come to take up his church.
Hebrew 4: 6-7
You know that After this life in the world, there is a rest and that is in Heaven where will  eat on tree of life. The scripture said that same had this gospel preached to them but they will not enter that rest because of their disobedience.
Therefore God provided again a certain day. Dear Brethren , this is day God sent for the nations to hear the Gospel.  So it is up to you , to hear the gospel and believe because it is calling today .

Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts.