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                       Water is a basic need in daily human life.  Lacking it leads to the dehydration and its fall-outs like illnesses and death.
                       In case of dehydration, patient is sent to the hospital for treatment by water added to dehydrating salts.
Spiritually, the water represents the word of God which gives us eternal life.
The woman said that she was  Samaritan as Jesus Christ was from Jews tribe.  For her, Jesus would not ask her water to drink.
                       As the scripture said , the Samaritans and the Jews were all the nations chosen by God and being taken out from Egypt by his hand .
                       When they reach in the land of promise they separated  one from another.

To this past we match the kingdom of Samaria which is Jerusalem and the kingdom of Judah which is Judea up these days.
 The woman said:”We Samaritans worship in that mountain, but Jews claim that we must go to Jerusalem to worship God”
                       On this Jesus answered that a time will come and it has already come, who worships God will no longer go at this
mountain or at Jerusalem but worship in spirit and truth.
                        Why Jesus Christ said so?1 kings 12:26-33
The scripture said that king Jeroboam made two golden calve, by this he brought all Samaritans to worship idols. In Samaria there was no water of

life, as word of God. Romans 15:1-5;   Romans 3:19-20;    Galatians 3:1-12

Unless people were circumcised and obeying the laws of Moses, they could not be saved.This was the preaching which was in Judea.
                        The Pharisees and Sadducees were teaching the laws and their customs. This is not the true gospel. No one who will be declared righteous in the sight of God by observing the laws.
This days there are many churches like  Samaria and Judea which are not
preaching the true gospel but only doctrines and the laws.
Those teachings are not source of the water of life. with  these teachings people can not be withdrawn from the slavery of Satan, can not give salvation.
Let us talk again about dehydration illness.
 If someone is suffering from this illness, the physician must treat him by L- lactate drip and ORS. Delaying to treat this such patient brings death inevitably.
                          The same people are  people suffering from dehydration because of the lack of water of life, because they have not the word of God into their hearts.
Consequently, they  can not worship God in the Spirit and Truth.
 What is the spirit?
If you write a letter or an application you must supply a signature. If

you don’t sign on it, this application can not be read. The same with the
word of God.  It has signature, and that is the Holy Spirit.

                             Any one who hears the Gospel  and does not believe it is impossible to have  the power of Holy Spirit. He can not worship God in Spirit and


These days, there are many churches which like Samaria and Jerusalem. They Are not preaching  the true  Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are only leading astray the nations of God from his will .

                               Thus, the Holy Spirit moves around and around to make them understanding the will of God through his word, through their dream, through their vision and their prophecy.
                               As they have known  the will of God for them but remain not  committed to the restoration through the word of God,  surely the Hell fire is waiting  for them. If there is no word of GOD, disregarding the visions,the trances, the prophecies and the speaking in tongues.
Surely, the true Gospel is the water of life!    Hear it and believe it that you may be saved.


JOSHUA Chapters 3 and 4

As servants of God, we have to read the Bible in order
to know its purpose. That is the Bible which drives us into salvation,
so we can discover both our heart and God’s one.

These mentioned chapters above say about the Israelites
crossing Jordan river.
This river means death spiritually.
What enabled them to cross it, was the ark of covenant
content : The engraved laws on stones ; which mean the word of God
People who didn’t have the word of God didn’t cross the river of Death.
Remember that in order to humble his people in the
desert, God tested their hearts and taught them that man doesn’t live
only by bread, but also with the word of God’s mouth. He taught them
also to obey his commands and walk in his way.              We observe
that one group followed the concepts of God aside another which
disobeyed . Only the obedient group was able to cross Jordan, the
river of death.
The same way, the starting point of salvation is like
wilderness, because  at the beginning people are not sharing the true
You have to understand that the way God went in the past with
Israelites remains the same towards us today.
Here are the works that must be performed by God at
that starting point taken as a wilderness : Humbling you ; testing
your faith for checking that  it comes from God’s word ; and
discipline you to obey his commands and working into his path.
Deteuronomy 8 :1-9

The Bible says that the priests stood in the middle
of Jordan first till the whole nation crossed the river. After twelve
men from twelve tribes of Israel took everyone one stone from the
place the priests were standing.
Those priests represent the servants of God and
Joshua represents Jesus Christ.
For the priests to stand in the middle of the river
till the whole nation crossed means that the servants of God today
have to minister the true Gospel to the congregation or church that
people get salvation.
The twelve stones were taken at Gilgal as memorial
for ever of the stopping of Jordan waters to flow.  This to the next
Other stones taken by Joshua were put where priests
stood in the river, first to remember the continuation of ministering
the Gospel in the church.  also to show that there is death to
unbelievers in regard of the true Gospel.
Joshua 4 :1-9
Both the men of Ruben and Gad with the half of the
men of Manasseh crossed over  armed the river in front of Israelites
as Moses directed them.
This teach us that the salvation is a spiritual war, not
against flesh and blood but against  the rulers, the authorities, the
powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil in heavenly
As those people carried weapons, the same way today in
salvation we must have the armor of God that we could stand firm at
that spiritual battle.

Here is this whole armor :

-Belt is the truth which is the word of God.  John 17 :17
-The breastplate which is righteousness.
-Feet  fitted with readiness stand for the gospel of peace
-the shield stands for faith.
-Helmet for salvation
‘Sword of the the spirit for the word of God.
The believers must put on the full armor of god, for the
days of evil are approaching that we may stand firm .      Joshua 4
:12-13,         Ephesians 6 :10-17

The Bible says about Jesus Christ when he was washing
the disciple’s feet.
When Peter didn’t want  his feet to be washed by Jesus, Jesus replied
that  unless  he  washed him, peter would have not part with him.
Washing  Disciple’s feet refer to cleansing of  their sins.
What could be the relationship with the preacher and the congregation
which doesn’t believe.  Even with Christ.
Retain that  the Israelites  to cross the river of
death (Jordan),  would follow the guidance from Joshua who was
connected to God.

The same way, if we don’t believe the Gospel, we will
not inherit eternal life in order to share life with Jesus Christ.
  John13 :5-8