Genesis 19:30-38

                                                  Jeremiah 23:28-29

        Human  life starts being perishable, to become, imperishable in the kingdom of God after resurrection throughout the preaching and believing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.              This brings eternal life for those who  will inherit  the kingdom of heaven. We have read from the book of Jeremiah, and the scripture said that the word of God is like fire, like hammer.

        Let us talk about hammer: Consider that here is rock on which someone beats a hammer that something  must be removed, even if the hammer could be bent.  The same way, if the true Gospel is preached, it must do its work into the heart for those who hear it.  Sins are discovered so that who hears the Gospel and believes,  will  surely gain imperishable life “eternal life”.

        But for a hardened heart  than an  iron, which cannot be changed to let the will of God be the leader, will prevent the inheritance of the kingdom of God, so that there will be no way to
gain eternal life. The enemies of God have to expect only Hell where unquenchable fire is eternal.

        The scripture said about the adultery of Lot and his daughters.  Lot and his daughters represent the church which does not bring the glory to God.  His daughters had given him a wine that they may flirt with
her father.

        According  the book of Revelation 18:2-3 explains wine related to the anger of fornication which misled all nations. It is like teaching out of God’s glory, teachings unable to lead to the

        The bible said that after committing adultery with her father; all daughters had conceived. The first  bore a son and called him Moab and is the father of Moabites.
 The younger bore a son also,  and called him Ben ammi and this one is a father of Ammonites.

        Who are ammonites and Moabites?

Number 21:21-23
Number 22:1-6
Remember those nations had stopped the Israelites to reach into the land of promise. Those are the nations which had already cursed in the sight of God. What these teach us spiritually?  This means that the works of evildoers are evil in the sight of God and it brings curse and dead to them.

        Why those daughters had committed adultery with her father? It was from their thoughts that:
-Their father was old.
-No one to sleep with them.
– As their custom.
-They may preserve their father’s Seed’.

        All these were full into their heart. This had took place into their heart because of:
-Their sight
-Their thoughts and the lust of Body. All these are not from God but from Satan who inspires thoughts which are not spiritual.

        Remember  that adultery spiritually means to worship idols, to go astray from the will
of God;  going on sinning.
These are again what pushes people to commit adultery:

-Looking for situation, following their sight ( Our father is old; No
man in the country to have sex with)
-Their thoughts. (Let’s preserve the seed for our father)
-The lust of body.(According the way of the world)

 All these are found in the human heart. Who enters bad thoughts in your heart is Evil,  and causes you to commit adultery.  Are many surrounding you and wanting you to commit prostitution with
you. These are demons.  All these are taking place into the human heart.

 They are two kinds of work that take place into the human heart:

– The works of God into the human heart. It is holy.  There are salvation and blessings to those who accept God to bring change  into their hearts.  This brings eternal life.

– There are also the works of Satan taking place into the human heart;
when people trust in their thoughts, in their knowledge, in their
 – This kind of works brings curse and death.

                  Psalm 28:5, Deuteronomy 28:63

   Because they regard not the works of the Lord, nor the operation of his hands, he shall destroy them and not build them up. There will not be lost for God.




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