Genesis 19 : 1- 29

Biologic human life is sustained by nutriments from food.
He might suffer from  malnutrition if his food is lack of vitamins and
or proteins.
The same way, many Christian are suffering from malnutrition
spiritually because
of hearing not the true  Gospel.        Only they are preached about
laws and church doctrines.

Genesis 19:3, Matthew 16: 5-12

The scriptures said that lot had baked the bread
without yeast for the two Angels arrived at sodom.

What is the spiritual meaning of the bread without yeast?

Spiritually, a bread means the word of God . And
again the bread
without yeast means the gospel pure from the mixture of laws and doctrines.
otherwise the  TRUE GOSPEL

If the bible says  about the yeast of
pharisees and Sadducees, what this means?  This means their teachings
which could not save from the death of sin in order to bring salvation
to their followers.

Even today, there are many servants who still be
sharing the bread which has yeast , who are preaching to their
congregation the laws  and church doctrines  as they ask to keep them.
and teaching them the doctrines of the churches.

Genesis 19:4-5, Ezekiel 23: 1-35

The scriptures said that all men young and old came
to lot surrounding his house, asking him to bring out those two angels
entered to lot house that
they may have sex with them.

This kind of prostitution or adultery  is turning
the back to God and trust in worldly things  like idols worshiping .
They are sinners in the sight of God.

Those people were from all the parts of Sodom,
surrounded Lot’s house and struggled to have sex with The Angels.
Those people spiritually mean the demons.
The house means the human heart. Remember  we are
talking  about those Angels entered the lot’s house and  who were
given a bread without yeast.

Comparatively, if you are committed to hear the
TRUE GOSPEL, Satan is close to you to fight against it. Where the Word
of God is preached, Demons sent by Satan, stand and fight against it.
The same , are many demons surrounding you  and want  to commit
adultery with you.   They are many demons surrounding you with the
lusts to fornicate with you through your thoughts, by uprooting the
TRUE GOSPEL you are hearing.

Their goal is to astray you from the will of God.

Those people were from all the parts of sodom city.
The meaning of the city bring us to get the real image of where
believers are gathered, commonly into the church disregarding their

Be aware of the presence of demons in action when
the TRUE GOSPEL is turned into laws and doctrines, blessings,
miracles, honor etc…Satan is then worshipped than God.

Genesis 19:24-25

God rained up on sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and
fire from the Lord out of heaven. The same , this will be the punishment of
these churches like sodom and Gomorrah, the church   which are teaching the
laws and  doctrines while asking their congregation to keep them.

The hell fire is waiting for these churches.
Genesis 19: 21-23

Fortunately, Lot saw a small city called Zoar and asking angels
to flee there. Remember a city represent a church. There is a church near
you seemingly small, which is preaching the TRUE GOSPEL. Flee there that you
may eat a bread without yeast. That your soul may be saved. Flee there
that you may live.




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