(Isaiah 7:7-14).  2 CHRONICLES 28:5-6
                       Human’s daily life is full of challenges and adversities.
Conflicts are frequents among people and most of the time government has to intervene to end them as to eradicate their fall outs.   This government intervention demonstrates that commonly people are normally helped by others in secular world.

But what approach into salvation realm?

                As we read this scripture king Rezon of Syria and king Pekah son of
Ramaliah, the king of Israel  plotted to fight against Ahaz king
of Judah. 1 kings 12: 1-24.
                First of all,  remember that the people who stayed in Israel aside those who were kept into captivity  and the people of Judah were all chosen nation which God himself took out from the slavery of Egypt by his hand . It came to Pass, when they arrived in the land of promise, this man Jeroboam rebelled against the king Solomon and fled to Egypt . As he heard that king Solomon has died, he came back home.
As the whole assembly of Israel united to him for their King and the nation of God had split into two.  The resultant was that Ten tribes went up and their city was Samaria.
Ten the two remaining tribes which are Judah and Benjamin  were ruled by Rehoboam in the city of Judea.
The plot was to fight against Judah, destroy it and make Tabael’s son
a king over it.  Ahaz and his people had no one to rescue them except God.
                         What this teaches us?
                  Spiritually, king Rezin and king Pekah represent the demons and Tabael’s son whom were pretending to make a king over Judah represent Satan.
                   Remember that the church of God was hidden in the shadow of Old Testament, to be revealed  in New Testament by Jesus Christ. In parallel, the king Ahaz and his people represented the church of God. The scripture said that those two
kings plotted to fight against Judah. This was the work of Satan.
Since long ago,  Satan was plotting to make the God’s nation his slave
,  but God had planned the salvation  for his nation.  He planned for you to have salvation which is “Emanuel, God with us “  Luke 2: 1-2

                    The scripture says that they find the Baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger, meaning  humility spiritually.  Jesus Christ to be born into your heart, you must hear the Gospel, believe it while being humble.
Consider that two thousand years and over had passed with Jesus Christ being
born as King and Savior for those who believe .Today, He is in need to be born into your heart as king an  Savior.
                    The requirement for Jesus Christ to be born into your heart as King and Savior  is to listen to the gospel and believe with humility.
                     This is the starting point.
                     There are many people , many servants  whom Jesus Christ  is not  yet born into their hearts as king and their Savior Why? I  Because they have heard the gospel and din’t believe, which means they are exalting in front of God’s throne.
                                        Let’s talk about two kinds of exaltation:
-Worldly exaltation, in front of God’s throne.
  First is boasting because of his riches, his knowledge , his power, his method and many more. That is worldly exaltation.  God does not care about those things, but by his will and enduring love, knows that at his time and day you will hear the gospel, believe and become humble because of it,  then be saved.
Secondly is  attending the church, listening the gospel and miss to believe, because not only you proceed to trust in your thoughts, your knowledge, your method, but also you continue to commit evil deeds      This can not allow you that Jesus Christ be born into your heart. It brings curse and death. The scripture says that a baby was lying in manger where the cattle was kept because there was no room for him to be born.
              If the Bible says no room, spiritually this has connotation with human hearts Remember in the temple were entering Pharisees, Sadducee s and their followers who were full of the laws and Judaism.That s a reason why they didn’t know that he was born.  The same , the hearts which are full of the laws and doctrines can not allow Jesus Christ to be born in them as King and Savior.
That was why the good news that a king and savior for those who believe has born was first made known to the shepherd by angels.
               Spiritually , the shepherds represent the Pastors and the sheep represent the Believers and those people are find in the church.  The shepherds have heard the good news from the Angels and run quickly to see the Baby.   They meet him lying in the
manger.  The process that Jesus Christ may be born into your heart is to hear the Gospel   and to believe.

                                        May Jesus be born into your heart.

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