Ephesian 1 1-14

Deuteronomy 28 9-11


In the daily human life, people meet many trials like poverty and more.

Thus, people try doing all their best to spare their life and cover their failures; the time believers pray to implore blessings from above

But what says the bible…? If you shall keep the commandments of the Lord your God and walking in his way, the Lord shall make you plenteous in goods, in the fruits of your body, in the fruits of your cattle, and in the fruits of your ground in the Land which the Lord swore  to give to your

forefather. This is the condition to get the blessing from God.

If any one does not keep the commandments of God and walking in his way, it

Will be impossible to get the blessing from God, It is impossible to see the hand of God. It is impossible to see God at work for him.  (law)

Now, what is spiritual blessing?


Ephesian 1: 3-13,

Psalm 32:1-2


The scripture tell us that being spiritually blessed is to have forgiveness of sin to be sealed with the holy spirit of promise which is the seal of God.

Luke 15:11-24


If we see carefully, we discover that many people are cursed because of sin repented in their proper ways, in their experience concerning not the scripture. That is not the true repentance, reason why they repent again and again without encountering the forgiveness of sin.


Biblically, true repentance must be connected with forgiveness of sin.   That is what we read in the book of Luke, in which we find a story talking about the prodigal son.          The scripture says he asked his father whatever was his portion , going in the foreigner country and.

He wasted the all with riotous living and many of his plans failed.   He might have thought doing business, then build a nice house or buy a glittering car like any human being.

This is the true image of people in the sight of God.  Such kind of heart does not come from God, but from Satan.  God doesn’t want you to do anything.  He wants to work for you.


The scripture says that when the son had already spent his entire portion, he went and joined a citizen of that country who sent him to feed swine.

The scripture said that he was eating to share with the swine.   Do you think about this miserable life and why he opted for it?  He was alone, without spiritual guide?

The same way anyone who does not have Jesus Christ into his heart may suffer in different ways.

Inside human heart there is a tree

Called: “Myself”.  (Ego)

This tree must be uprooted from human heart for a true repentance enabling forgiveness into salvation.  It must be cut off.

If it has already cut off, is the first point to do the true repentance, and having forgiveness of sin and receiving salvation.   That is the starting point for spiritual life.

The scripture said that, when a son came back to his sense, he thought at his father’s house and decided to come back home.

The same way if you listen to the            Gospel, believing, realizing your image in the sigh of God, leaving your thoughts, doing the true repentance and being baptized in the name of father, son and Holy Spirit.

That is the gate to get forgiveness of sin and salvation.


Ephesians 1:13, Act 2:36-39     


The scriptures say that we were sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise.

This is the process to be sealed by the Holy Spirit, to hear the gospel and believe?


-Hearing the word of God.

-recognizing your true image in the sight of God.

-Doing the true repentance

-Being baptized in the name of Father, son and Holy Spirit.


Clenching, that is while passing through these mentioned steps that our Lord reveals to you and let you enjoy the true blessings conveyed by Him.

You ‘re sealed by the Holy Spirit,  which is the seal of the living God, then Spiritual blessings flow from our Lord towards you.


Let God bless you.












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