Ester chapter 3

We learn that Mordecai didn’t bow before Haman who was promoted. Never the spiritual must not humble before the carnal!  

The king of Amalekites was Agag.   .  (1 Samuel 15, 7-8).

Amalekites were the descendants of Abraham through his son Ishmael, whom Hagar the Egyptian, Sarah’s maid, bore to Abraham.  (Havilah  to Shur) in the East of Egypt.

Because of the carnal mind of Amalekites,  God  sent Samuel to anoint Saul King over his people Israel that  he punish  what Amelek while opposing Israel on the way  coming up out of Egypt.

The king Saul had the firm command to go and smite Amelek, destroy utterly all that they had, killing without sparing anything.

You’ve to remember why the children were struggling within Rebekah’s womb and then said the Lord: ‘’Two nations are in your womb and two people born of you shall be divided; the one shall be stronger than the other, the elder shall serve the younger’’.    Genesis 25, 27

– I can now pretend that you really know understand why Mordecai didn’t bow down or do obeisance towards the promoted Haman.  Ester 3, 1-2

Evidently, it is like a right that He who was born according the flesh continues to persecute that one born according the flesh, but with no right to inherit or overcome, hang to death, for he is the son of slave, the son of sin.

Being Isaac as son of promise we must inherit, and also have salvation by the Holly Spirit through grace.

All these mean that if we rely on our deeds and efforts, we are confirming spiritually that we belong to the progenitor hood of Ishmael.  Galatians 4, 28-29

Nowadays, some Christians are found in Ishmael genealogy, as others are in Isaac one.

The correct dislocation is only possible through the belief of Good News.


Where are you setting your mind?      (Romans 8,5-8)


Setting your mind on the flesh, you are setting your mind on the things of the flesh, what is hostile to God then convey to the death

-setting your mind on the things of the Spirit is life and peace for the Spirit of God dwells in you.

Comparatively to the Rebekah’s womb, our spiritual thoughts are continuously invaded by carnal ones, but we have to prevail positively.

Flesh is tiredness, pleasure, greediness, hate, identifying with unbelievers…

For example, when fasting, the flesh still asks you to give up and dismiss before dying.

(Roman s 8, 9).

We must not have subjection to the flesh, because there is not partnership between righteousness and iniquity!

Choose to not be dismayed with unbelievers, for sheep of Jacob are not like Uncle’s ones.

You face today true and false Christians with the common label ‘‘Christians’’.

The meaning of Church of God or Ecclesia is to come out from them.  Then our spiritual mind must be separated from carnal mind.

If we have do not have the Spirit of Christ, we don’t belong to him.  The same Spirit of Him gives us life into our mortal bodies.

Think twice that we are not debtors to the flesh, to sin.   If we have the Spirit of god, we must be different like Mordecai who didn’t submit to Haman.  In Ester 3, 8 Israelites were accused by Haman that they laws were different from other people.

Let us every time search to disclose the plot of Satan if we want the good things offered by the World.

Just know that living spiritually brings us to become the enemy of those who are led by carnal life, even encounter persecutions.

The Bible mentions false Brethren who spied out the freedom of the church in Jerusalem.

The decree of death came with sin in Eden through law.   Rom 8:2

Satan doesn’t rest to use the decree of death since.  Apart the law and sin lies death.  That is why sin is always revived through law.     Rom 7, 7-8, 11

You will find out that a thief doesn’t realize that he is stealing but moving things.

Galatians  2, 4 


People not Christians specifically have to differentiate the salvation from law and the salvation from Jesus Christ.  In it you’ll find Faith and grace.

-Consider the salvation related to the promise of God, and without any condition as for Jesus Christ. That is the true righteousness.

-Consider the salvation under condition and without promise of God.   That is the false salvation. In it you’ll find laws.

-Isaac differs from Ishmael as Jacob differs from Isaac.

-Retain that Jesus Christ doesn’t differ from Word of God.

-True salvation exists as false salvation exists too.

-The works of God are different from Satan’s ones.

Our quotidian task is to chase away whatever found false into salvation, as Abraham did about the slave woman and her son.      Genesis 28, 6

We don’t have to fear persecution and tribulations, but afford to share abundantly Christ sufferings as also we share comforts.  2 Corinthians 4, 3-8

He delivered us from many perils which were deadly, he will deliver us again.

Trying to keep the law is being deceived by Satan and going astray from the grace of God, for we become disconnected from Jesus Christ.

The time people experience death, that is when Jesus intervene, because continue to wash their sins as long as they still be looking alive and Jesus waits for those about to die before he reveals himself with compassion as the good Samaritan.   Luc 10, 32-33

Receiving Salvation by faith enable us to no longer live under law, to  be blessed by everything sent by God, even if death as we become able to cast away whatever from the lusts of Satan the liar.














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