Matthew 11:1-19

                  For the human life , we found that people have different life.

                  Physically some are born lame, blind and deaf and other are suffering from leprosy, As there is death to every one .

                  Spiritually, the time some are lames, blinds, deaf and leprous; other are already died. 

                  In the sight of God there are three categories of people.

1.      Are the lames and those who have leprosy

2.      Are the blinds or deaf

3.      Are also some who are dead spiritually.

                 Those who are lames or having leprosy are sinners. That is the first category of people who have not yet heard the true Gospel.

                 Those who are blind or deaf belong in the second category of people  who have already heard the gospel and didn’t believe.

John 9:33-41.

                       Those who are the blind or deaf are the people who have heard the gospel and didn’t believe. Thus are sinners because of their lacking of faith. They comfort themselves that are righteous. There are two kinds of works take place in our life when we attend the church. That is to hear the gospel and believe. So are two kinds of hearing. Are to hear the word of God entered one ear and come out through another. The one who has that kind of life is blind and deaf.

 Are also hearing the word of God, having room into the heart and believe. That one is spiritual man, is righteous.

Matthew 11: 9,             1 Corinthians 14: 26-33,                     1 Corinthians 2:13-14.

                         The Bible said that when John’s disciples were left, Jesus Christ began to speak to the crowd and asked them, what did they go to see in the desert? They answered that they were going to see a prophet.

                          These days are for Christians who have spiritual life like those spoken with Jesus Christ.  They trusted in the prophet or prophecy.

                          This is not true spiritual life. Receive this message careful and listen to me very well. If I say that having prophecy is not spiritual life, I don’t mean that there are not true prophets of God.

                          What I mean is that if your prophecy has not the foundation upon the word of God, then it is not connected to the spiritual life;  meaning that if you are PROPHESYING FROM YOURSELF.

                           Let your ears and heart be attentively directed to Holy Scripture so that you may  know that really you talk with, from and for God.

John 17: 17


                            Men of God listen to me clearly, the word of God is holy and true. Thus Satan cannot mix his impurity   with the word of God.

 Satan can put his impurity into your prophecy but it cannot combine with the word of God. Satan can swallow you but Satan cannot engulf the word of God. 

 The scripture said about the gift of prophecy and give us  instruction. When the people are gathered, may have prophecy. If someone is prophesying to others their ears must be attentive that they  may observe it and really know that they have talked with God.

                             The Bible said more than a prophet. Is the one about whom it is written that I will send MY  MESSENGER ahead of you, who will prepare your way before you ,Who is this one bible talk about? This is JESUS CHRIST.  Let your faith be in Jesus Christ. Who is the word? This is Jesus Christ.

                              If you listen to the word of God and believe,  there you believe in Jesus Christ. This is the true faith which comes from above.


                               The spiritual life is to hear the Gospel and believe.

Matthew 11:4-5;                           Mark 3: 28-29;                                 , John 6:63;


                               In the sight of God are also those who are spiritually dead.  Those  are people who heard the word of God and didn’t believe by abusing it, insulting the Holy spirit and adding to fall deeply into the evil deeds.

 Those who have this kind of life are spiritually dead.

                                The lames , those suffering from leprosy , the blinds , the deaf  and the dead were in the world long ago, but when Jesus Christ born for us as savior, some met him and were healed. 


                                 Who is Jesus Christ? 

 He is the word.

                          Where the word is found?

 It is found in the church, and so in the church is where your  lameness, blindness and deafness, your leprosy must be healed.


                           You who are dead spiritually, in the church is where you may be raised up into a new life.

                                  1 Timothy 3: 16


                                 “Nations of God, the Mystery of godliness is great. He appeared in a body, was vindicated by the spirit, was seen by Angels, was preached among the nations, was believed in the world and was taken up in the Glory”.








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