1 SAMUEL 6,1-21

‘’…Why should you harden your hearts as the Egyptians and Pharaoh hardened their hearts ?  After he had made sport of them, did not they let the people go and they departed … ‘’   Said  the priests and the diviners.

The bible says that when the ark moved to philistians, the witchcraft calf was broken.   1 Samuel 5,6-7
Then the philistians decided to sent back the ark with guilt offering  as they expect for the healing trough the removal of God’s hand upon  them, by giving glory to the God of Israel.
That was only by the power and the guidance of God, that the cows carried the ark  straight in the direction of Beth-she’ mesh along one highway ;  Lowing, the cows did not turn to the right neither to the left and stopped to the field of Joshua of Beth-she’ mesh, for the rejoicing of the people who were reaping when they saw it.

Even today, many people ignore the guidance of God, like  Lot who followed Abraham without having heard the voice of God. Again some still pray for the getting of holy Spirit the time  they hear the word of God throughout the Bible.   1 Corinthians 1,7-9
Take for sure that we cannot lack any spiritual gift as long as we join the fellowship of his son.   Let’s  not trust ourselves if we have the word of God , but let’s live by the grace  as
did Abraham into his covenant with God. No curse in the realm of GRACE !    Genesis 12, 1-14
You find out that the true blessing  is first the
promise of God. Beside Abraham was found as a great liar by saying :’’This is my
sister instead of my wife’’, God accomplished his promise to him.

Lot the Abraham’s brother is seen as a carnal christian in accord with the scripture from 1 Corinthians 3,1-3
At the contrary to this kind of Christians, spiritual ones  have to follow the one who grows , but not  the one who plants or waters. We confirm that  the CARNAL CHURCH is located in AI (EAST), while the SPIRITUAL ONE is  found in BETHEL (WEST).    Genesis 12,8

These days, many Christians stay between the true church an the world, meaning in AI close to Egypt, between BETHEL as CANAAN where is built the ALTAR OF God.
Because the EAST, a worldly church is a wide gate, where they are fallen into temptation, addicted  and follow their inner lusts of hearts. Before reaching EGYPT, people are found in a place similar to AI. Here, there is no growth of spiritual life unless you choose to return to the East (BETHEL).

In Bethel, we are live by the word of God, and all human abilities like knowledge and money are ceased.   There is faith here for the presence of only the conditions of GOD is found.

Without faith, we follow the human conditions like Mary who testified the death  and the stinking of her brother Lazarus, the time JESUS was saying  that he was  falling asleep.

Due the famine, ABRAHAM and NAOM found in the book of RUTH lacked faith and tried to protect themselves with the disregard of the promise of GOD.
Especially, GOD wanted to train Abraham that he got faith through that famine and through her beloved wife Sarah.
As believers in God, we must know that all problems are  defeated by faith , not by money or degree.  That is why is good to be trained  in regard of faith.
Without faith, we are like SAMSON who was strong but lost the guidance of God  at the lures of  a Philistian woman .
Let’s not readjust the word of GOD to become liars, but let’,s be fully driven under the reality of GRACE.

We have to avoid provoking  God further to anger by our abominations , while turning our back to the church , lest He deals with us with wrath.
Ezechiel 8,16-19
Choosing to remain in the WEST (BETHEL), we are children of God and for sure, all good possessions of  Him are ours as we are set apart from the deeds of sinners.     Genesis 25,5-6




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