2 Corinthians 3:1-11
                          Everyone knows that water is indispensable for various purposes of life: Cooking; washing; bathing and drinking.
                          Imagine what could the result when the water is poisoned and be used for cooking or drinking? The plausible resultis death.  Isn’t it?
                          The same way, there is water for spiritual life meaning the word of God.

                          The Pharisees had poisoned it while teaching their laws and customs as they asked continuously to keep them, as itis for now days when some predicators enforce to teach about laws anddoctrines to the congregations. Those servants are murders of those
congregations spiritually.
                          Fortunately, there came a man named John Baptist to witness Jesus Christ, and started to clean that water contaminated by Pharisees’ teaching by testifying about the Kingdom of Heaven. Then completely that clean water has been brought by Jesus known as
our savior. He taught preaching the True Gospel which is about the Kingdom of Heaven ruled by his heavenly Father.
                           Reading the underlined scripture above, we
are informed about two kinds of ministries: The deadly ministry with
engraved letters one stone, and the ministry of the Holy Spirit that
brings righteousness.
                          What is written on the stone? The laws given to Moses on the mountain of Sinai were written to the stone, unable to bring righteousness.  This was ascertained by the experts’ question of law to know what to do in order to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven and
having eternal life.
                          Catch fighting was my hobby the time I didn’t yet receive salvation. What caught my attention was that the referee was obliged to beat down three times before confirming that the upper fighter was the winner; as also the winner must break any of
the loser’s members to sign his victory. The same way, if you try to keep the law, it must break you, meaning that it brings you death for failing to keep it. Luke 10:25;    (2
Corinthians 3:1-7)
                           The law is holy, and the believers must be acknowledged that its purpose is to silence every mouth before God. The law was set that the whole world could be held accountable to God. The law is to show us the sin which was in the world before.  What to consider is that the sin is not taken into account when there is no law!
                            The law was put in charge to lead us to Christ that we might be. justified by the faith. No one will be declared righteousness in the sight of God by observing the laws.
(Romans 3:19-20); (Romans 5:13)
                                 This is the ministry that brings death, which is engraved on stones. It attracts curse to both the ministers and the observers. In it we find laws, sin and death.
                                  Now, I’m about to talk about the power of the Holy Spirit to the scriptures as the signature is for an official letter.
                                  In the ministry of spiritual life, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we find the true gospel, the forgiveness of sin, the grace and eternal life. Remember the Israelite in the wilderness, they sinned against the Lord, and God sent to them venomous snakes to have killed many of them. The removal of those snakes was possible through Mosses ‘prayers as long as they deign daze the bronze snake hang at pole. God didn’t remove the venomous snakes.

                                   Spiritually those venomous snakes represent sin  and the bronze snake represent Jesus Christ hang at the cross.  (Number 21:7-9)
                                    The same, those who don’t look at the cross will assuredly die, meaning those who don’t believe in the action of salvation brought by Jesus Christ. There is death for unbelievers. The same way, we must die on sin with Jesus Christ, being buried and raised with him that we may be saved. To attain this height, we have to abandon our thoughts, knowledge, methods and actions.
                                     Consider someone drowned into the deep waters. In order to be saved requires good swimmers and a boat. Spiritually the swimmers represent Jesus Christ and the boat represents the word of God found in the Bible.
                                     No one can save the drowned one who still has strength to rescue him, as Jesus Christ cannot do for that one who still keeps his thoughts and knowledge, his power and his methods. This one is out of the reach of salvation.  (1 Corinthians
15:1-4); (John 3:14-15)
                                      If we die on sin with Jesus Christ, buried with him, we will raise with him in a new life.
                                      Here is a trustworthy saying, being raised with him, we will also live and reign with him.
                                      If we disown him, he will do alike.
                                     If we are faithless, he will
remain faithful, for he cannot disown himself. (2Thimothy 2:11-13)  ;    TUJIJUKENONE@GMAIL.COM


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