Brethren, last time we have read from Genesis 1: 24 – 31.

                 Now, let’s still read this book.

The scripture said that on sixth days God said: Let us make a man in our image, in our        likeness and the man was created from the dust of ground. What these teach us?

You know here in the world are many kinds of precious stone used in different ways .Among   these stones, diamond is so hard than others. Why God didn’t create a man from diamond?  Man would not have something to boast in the sight of God.  Genesis 2: 7, Roman 4: 1-2.\

The scripture said that God had made a man by ending his work on sixth days.  All things where already created. We know that God had loved a man since the world was not yet created.  Thus a man would hinder God for his work, saying that God did not create a lion to kill and eat me, God didn’t make a snake to kill me with its venous.

If God does, it is must be done. Thus God didn’t want anything from a man at his work. God doesn’t want human’s thoughts; his knowledge; his power; his method and his actions at his work. God doesn’t want any assistance from people at his work.

Sharing forgiveness of sin is God’s work and it has already done at the cross.  Giving salvation is God’s work and Judgment is God’s work.  Nothing can be done by man to gain forgiveness of sin, nor he can perform to get salvation, unless to hear the word of God and believe. Isaiah 55:8-9, Roman 3:19-20

God had created a man in his image, in his likeness. What these teach us?  Many people don’t know their value in the sight of God.  A man is an ambassador of God here in the earth.

When God finished his work he saw that all thing is good.  But, when people say that this is good and this is evil, those thoughts are not from God but from Satan. This is the work of Satan into the human’s heart in order to misuse the word of God.

People who show no regard for the work of God’s hand will torn down and never build up again by Him.

2 Corinthians 4:7 (We are the jars of clay  …)

Psalm 82:6 – 7, Psalm 28: 5



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