Brethren, last time, we have read from GENESIS 1:1-13.

 Through this scripture is exposed what God created within three days. Let’s proceed by the same chapter from verse 14 up 23.

In order to live, everyone saw the day from his or he mother’s womb. That is called biological life. Being born by the water and the Holy Spirit is commonly known as being born again.

Who is born again?

He is the one who listened to the word of God and after having recognized his or her true image admits to get the forgiveness of sin.

From verse 14-19, God created two greater lights:  THE SUN, as he greater one to govern the day and the MOON, the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars.

What spiritual messages from these?

First by the sciences of geography, the Moon cannot give light by itself unless by reflecting the rays from Sun. Comparatively, Jesus has to emit light to the Christian as the Sun to the Moon. By the same way, the Christian cannot be the light to the earth without having received Christ into his heart.

Is Jesus Christ the real light of this world? Yes.  Just read the gospel y John 1:3-9 and 9:5.

Remember that in the beginning the word was with God and that word was GOD. Hearing the word of God, you bear Jesus

in your heart; He dwells in and shines for your heart. From that time, you are called a born again and the Holly Spirit testifies it. Back in the creation exposed by the same book of Genesis verse 20-23, we encounter the fish to live in the water ant the bird in the air. Can the fish live on the land?  Can the bird live into the water? Coming out the water, a fish dies inevitably as the bird drown into the water. By analogy to these, the Christian has to live by the word of God in order to please the creator. Some stand at the stage to be baptized by immersion and claim to be born again Christian.

I was in that category of Christian, because I was driven by the doctrine, miracles and obedience of laws, without relying on the word of God. No doubt I was spiritually blind. Since I started to hear from the true gospel on 18 April 2009, that was when I really born again, because I set room for the word of God in my heart, believed and got the forgiveness of God: My true repentance to be testified by the Holly Spirit.

Jesus Christ himself told to his disciples that they were cleansed because of the word He used to speak to them. Read the books of john 15:3 and from Hebrew 10:15-17. Listening to word of God brings you to discover your true image and leads you to the true repentance. Being sanctified by he word, you are found clean by the Holly Spirit.

Many people when they see birds flying and struggling for life without specific habitation if not nests in trees, they are quick to ignore the glory of God manifested to them while easily being able to fly in the heights of firmament.

That is how a born again Christian has to praise the Lord according the Holly Scripture in the book of psalm 139:8-12; that the born again Christian has to fly and rejoice in the spirit.

As the almighty God feeds birds (Mathew 6:26; 6:31-34) without being obliged to sow, the same way a born again Christian is cared by God many fold. Even the lion roars for his prey and seeks his food from God. Isn’t the born again Christian not in the sight of God? Unfortunately Satan is driving us to act and care for ourselves, solving our problems for our own contrary to the Bible.

Let’s humble before Him and rely on his WORD that He provides to  all our needs according to His will and ability.

Peace and grace from God be on you!




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