If you do well, won’t be accepted?                                                                                                   Genesis 4,7 

God doesn’t want us to serve him. He wants to serve us at the contrary.

According the scripture found in Acts 17,24-25, “The God who made the world and everything in it, being LORD of heaven and earth, doesn’t live in shrines made by man, nor is served by human hands as though he needed anything, since he himself gives to all life and breath and everything”.
Shrines are what are made by man’s hand. We have to live like a child towards his father.

Religious life is very different from spiritual life.
-One side, in religious life we want to give offerings, to pray and pray intensively as making fig leaves garment.
-In the other side, let us know that spiritual life is very reversed to the spiritual one because it fits in what we take like skin garments only to be made by God himself.
Consider that God doesn’t want our spiritual life so hard and difficult.
We have to rejoice always, pray constantly yes, give thanks in all circumstances for this is his will as states the book of 1 Thes. 5, 16-18.
God serves us not the contrary, for example when washing our sins.
Mathew restates saying in chapter 20 verse 28 that even the son of man came not to be served but to serve and to give his life as ransom  for many.
The really first step is that God gives grace to man by his love, and the consequent step is that the man has to rejoice and give thanks for the works performed to him by God.
Religiously and falsely, man goes to God expecting for blessings from his fig leaves.
From this false attitude, we recommend that man withdraw his thoughts not God. Check Isaiah 55, 8.
Back in the book of Genesis 3,21 God clothed Adam and Eve by skin garments, the time they have tried sewing leaves of fig to cover their nakedness in Genesis 3,7.
Even today, man makes spiritual life by sewing leaves of fig which dry or wither especially that one who tries to wash his sins by himself.
That one ignores that something special has been sacrificed to benefit that precious gift: An animal that time and The lamb of God after as an unique and everlasting sacrifice.
We have to find out that Cain exhausted himself to present an offering to God which couldn’t please him, through effort, and sweat. Here he didn’t do well to be accepted.
Inevitably, there is a true way to serve God; Abel’s one!
You know that Cain offered what seemed to be good to him but not to God. From verse 7 up 15, we see the fellowship between Cain and God to discover the wrong way used by Cain, and to learn that the sin was couching at the door and desiring him. He must master it.
Reading Rom 4,2 , we know that if Abraham was justified by works and has something to boast about, it was not before God.
With the similitude to Cain, there is no salvation in human efforts which can only bring curse! That is why God denied Cain’s offering. While not reaching the target which the Word of God, we are off the aim and sin before God. The best way is to learn what is wanted by God from the Bible and see what has been done by him to us. We can’t establish the measure of pray to God nor reverse the true way He set for our salvation. DOING WELL is the REQUIREMENT to be blessed by God; as to get the GRACE of God is to reach the aim, to act in concordance in the Word of God.
Better is to focus on God and his word than on what to about sin. That is how easily people who don’t forsake their ways are invited to follow the Cain’s heart change by God.
Retain that Cain didn’t repent for killing his brother Abel but stayed tuned on God not on sin to be granted the true repentance.
When Cain realized that nothing could be done by him to escape the curse, as the punishment was so great to him he repented saying that he was enable. Genesis 4,14 (Behold, thou hast driven me this day away from the ground; and from thy face I shall be hidden; and I shall be a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth, and who finds me will slay me).
It will not be so, said the Lord to him! The verse 15 and 16 of GENESIS 4 tell us that Cain received a mark, lest anyone who came upon him should kill him.  He went to dwell in the land of North east of Eden.
You surely learn that God is in search of people unable to do something for themselves in order to be saved but focusing to him.

Concluding, if you show the mark of God, never Satan cannot harm you. But take for certain that we cannot bear God’s mark as long as we don’t forsake our religious ways please him, our evil thoughts, our works of strength and knowledge. Remember that the weakness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination on the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

Let the wicked forsake his way…. asked Isiah chapter 55 verse 7 that sin and second death will not harm us
Receiving the WORD of God, the mark of God will be granted. Let us not be like gentiles who have not the law did by nature what the law requires.       (Rom 12,14)



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