We are now invited to go ahead with sharing the word of God, as we know already that it can change the hearts, then the city.

Let’s read the scripture in Genesis 1:1-13

No one is prevented to be nourished spiritually by the word of God!  All the servants of God named pastors, evangelists, believers, to bring unbelievers to him.

Before reading the Bible, we have to know what its background in your mind is.

As sometimes you are asked to use a map for your journey, it is required to know before both your place and your destination.

While having a visa to fly to United Kingdom, don’t allow you to fly to Australia.

For the best use of the Bible, the same way, we must know from where it takes us to where again it directs us.

Inside the Bible, two kinds of hearts are exposed: First that one for God and mankind heart. We learn the goodness of God’s heart in comparison to the wrongness of human’s one.

That is how the word of God teaches us how to be connected to the God’s heart to please him.

Whilst the heart of God is plenty of love, grace, power, peace, forgiveness and so…  However and when servants of God have to teach or preach, they have to keep the motive to set up the strong connection between the two hearts.  Sometimes, the heart of God is hidden behind his written word and his undeserved grace let us discover what could be his will prompt.

Back with Genesis verse 1-2; at the creation of universe, the earth was void and formless, as the darkness was over the surface of the deep and the Spirit of God hovering over the waters.

What then could be the real meaning of these?

Just this earth represents the sinner’s heart. As long as someone has not yet listened to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and believe in him to be given the forgiveness of sins, inside the heart of this one only darkness and evil doings are found. Genesis:5; Isaiah 55:8-9.

Amazingly, this is common: We try with our whole efforts to listen to the word, practice it as we can for the purpose to inherit the Kingdom of heaven, but always aside, keeping our bad thoughts, our knowledge, our strength and methods or experiences.

Why don’t we put aside what is ours!

Going on alike, we are misleading ourselves and assuredly we are loosing our aim. How then to cast away that deep darkness still found in our hearts?

Only by light!  By verse 3 of Genesis, God said: Let be light, and the light was. He saw that it was good and decided to separate it from darkness. He called light dayand darkness night.

The first day started by the evening and clenching by morning. That was what a day for God, very opposite in meaning to what a day is for a man.

Spiritually, that mentioned light is the word of God, shown as God’s Lamp, that word which was in the beginning as God Himself.

By hearing the gospel and believing it, you let the word of God get the room inside your heart; it shines inwardly you and you are Christ alike.

How it happened that we are facing to two types of days now? I mean a day for God and another one for man?

For the human being, his day starts by morning to end in the evening. Those now called Christians must clearly know how to differentiate these kinds of days.

Let’s be taught by them.

Spiritually, every one in Human’s day trusts in his strength, thoughts, knowledge and his methods and experiences. Nothing in human’s day can please God! Such type of men is nonspiritual to God.  We can perfectly comprehend this through the story of Jacob at Laban’s house. Genesis 29:21-24.

We read that he served 7 years along for Rachel, but at the end got Leah for wife. He knew that he was cheated by the next morning, after having taken her as his wife. Is this a mystery? Not.  He was without doubt in human’s day, far from the will of God.An in-commensurable Love to Rachel didn’t mean that God was considering her as his wife. For God’s thoughts, Leah was Jacob’s true wife.

Ignoring the will of God testifies that someone is in human’s day.

To be able to discern the will of God, we must know, understand and believe the word of God, so we are not directed by our own thoughts, knowledge, strength, experiences and methods. During God’s day, all deeds are holly and God works himself. It means that the Holly Spirit is the driver. Things that we don’t think about, that we don’t plan to; things that are performed in the fourth dimension, those exclusively revealed by God are seen like hollies and spirituals.

Up verse 13 of Genesis …plants and trees on the dried land bore fruits with seeds according to their varieties that so God found that good. These were about the third day of God formed by an evening followed by a morning. Remember that the days of God pleased him, since the light was the first tool used by him to pull out the earth from darkness and formless.

Dear brethren, likely, the word of God can change our hearts by the removal of sins from human inner room heart so that good fruits of the Holly Spirit be manifested pleasingly to him, like love, peace of heart, kindness and…

All these must be the works of God, and through this spiritual way, we have salvation.             Only the heart of God brings salvation as mark of true spiritual change.  John 6:40

That is what spiritually we learn from the first three days of God creation and you found out that manifestly it is a great spiritual capital if we try to understand this short starting scripture of the Bible in the book of Genesis.

Keep reading through our redactions, while sending us your comments and appreciations.

See you soon. God bless you.  (The text will be soon found in French and Swahili).

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